"When I was a kid I wanted to save the world. I've come to realize that you never know what piece of art will change someone's life forever"  

Katia moved to Vancouver in 2017 to pursue acting, and immediately began studying at various Acting Studios - Actorium, Improv Comedy Institute,  The Working Actor's Gym, and Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop; where she has continued to study for the past year.


In the first year of living in Vancouver, Katia landed her first Lead role in the short film "Time to Betray" and went on to act in several other independent short films; "Bonsai," "Interview with the Broken","Lie Like Me," and "Coincidence."

At the end of the year, Katia began to recognize an interest in writing and producing her own projects and is currently working on her first self produced short film called "Slice of Life."

Katia Plotnikoff

Katia PLOTNIkoff